How to Choose a Commercial Window Cleaner?

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How to Choose a Commercial Window Cleaner?

First impressions matter and if the first thing your customers notice about your business are dirty windows, they may not be coming back. By contrast a clean, well kept storefront not only enhances your business’ curb appeal, but creates a more hospitable workplace for your employees. Regularly scheduled commercial window cleaning is a cost effective solution for improving the appeal and atmosphere of your business.

We hope this article will give you the tools to make an educated choice when it comes to selecting a window cleaning company for your next commercial project. If you are looking for professional commercial window cleaning in the Denver metro area, call Summit Window Cleaning today! Our top priority is getting you the best results and giving you the best experience possible. We only employ highly skilled technicians who utilize the best training and tools available.

Getting an Estimate

Before you decide which company you would like to work with, it’s advisable to get quotes from at least a few service providers. Avoid sites like Thumbtack and Angie’s List. Their business model is built around aggressively marketing to new vendors. And while they claim to offer certified professionals, there is no actual review process for service providers to join. As a result these middle men primarily recommend low quality and inexperienced vendors. A professional window cleaning company will have certified reviews on an unbiased website like Google.

Reputable, professional companies are happy to offer free estimates and Summit Window Cleaning is no exception. The estimate process is a great opportunity to get a feel for how the company likely does business. Were they punctual? Were they responsive, and how was their communication? Did they take pride in their professional appearance? Look at their work vehicles and tools. Well-worn tools are not always a sign of neglect, however a professional window cleaner should be organized, appreciates and takes care of their tools.

Commercial Window Cleaning Pricing

As you are reviewing your estimates make sure you know what is included in the price you are quoted. Not all companies will offer the same level of service, so it’s a good idea to ask for clarification. When you are quoted you a per-window price, are they including interior/ exterior cleaning, exterior only etc.? Is wiping down the frames included? Selecting a window cleaning company that can offer a price that is within your budget is important. Keep in mind that as with most things, you will generally get what you pay for. Paying too much will not necessarily get you the best cleaning, but going with a cheap option will almost always result in problems and low quality work.

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Can They Handle the Scope of the Work?

The most common thing we hear from new clients about their past experiences with other companies are:

“We were working with another company. They did a decent job, but eventually stopped showing up with no warning or explanation.”

This is unfortunate, but chances are this happened because the company offered steeply discounted pricing to undercut a competitor. At first they were happy to get a new project, but as time went on they realized their mistake and were unable to continue providing their services. Alternately, many companies are not properly equipped to take on the projects that come their way.

Summit Window Cleaning invests in the newest and best window cleaning tools available. We are fully equipped to handle everything from small storefronts to mid-rise buildings, and capable of cleaning windows up to 50’ high. While our prices are not the lowest, we charge a competitive rate and one that will allow us to provide  you with unsurpassed long term service.

Avoid Janitorial Services, Franchises & Cheap Cleaners

Janitorial services are notorious for not knowing how to clean windows. While they often offer this service, generally they are just spraying your windows with glass cleaner and giving it a quick wipe. The window may look clean initially, but after a day the smears and streaks will be easy to see.

Steer clear of franchises as quality varies widely by location, but is overall pretty low. These companies have high employee turnover, low morale and are motivated by owner profit. They stay in business by quickly turning over job after job. Their working style is characterized by a quick and sloppy approach, and they care little for long term customer satisfaction.

Similarly, cheap window cleaners are cheap for a reason. Here are the most common ways they cut costs:

  • Skipping windows that are difficult to get to
  • Little or no detailing
  • Poor or no safety training for employees
  • Unskilled with proper window cleaning technique. (The only way to properly clean a window involves a squeegee and takes time to master)
  • Leaving windows with drips, streaks, or residue from cheap cleaning solutions
  • Not cleaning the frames of the windows
  • More often than not, they are uninsured!

The Best Commercial Window Cleaner

At Summit Window Cleaning we prioritize developing long term relationships over quick turnaround and aim to be the best and last commercial window cleaner you work with. By focusing on your needs, providing excellent service, responsive communication and adaptability, we will keep your business sparkling clean and bringing in new customers for years to come. Whether you have a small storefront, a busy high end restaurant, or a college campus, we have you covered!

Our standard commercial window cleaning includes interior and exterior window cleaning, with the frames wiped down. Exterior or interior only cleaning options are available as well. Shoe covers are worn in restaurants and offices spaces, drop cloths are used for protection and our ladders have bonnets, levelers and stabilizers to avoid damaging your property or scuffing up walls.

Summit Window Cleaning is owner operated. We are a small, but highly trained and adaptable operation. We focus on quality work and make investing in our staff a priority. Our technicians undergo rigorous training, are required to pass a background check and are friendly. We bring the same care and attention to detail in cleaning your space that we would for our own home. Our insurance scales up to $2 million in general liability for commercial projects so you’re always protected.

Appointments are available Monday through Saturday all year long. Whether you are looking for a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual cleaning service we are happy to accommodate. Give us a call at (720) 432-6259 or submit a request here! We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate and discuss service options with you!


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