Choosing the Right Window Cleaning Company

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Choosing the Right Window Cleaning Company

A big part of maintaining your home or business is interior and exterior window cleaning. Many people try to do it themselves only to find out that it took more time and energy than they thought and didn’t get the results they desired. Hiring a professional is well worth the investment! It can save you time, money, and could prevent a potential injury if you don’t have the proper training, equipment and safety know-how. When looking to hire a window cleaning company, there are some important things to consider to ensure you hire the best in the business!

Check Reviews and References

When researching window cleaning companies, take the time to read several reviews; the good and the bad. It is important to see which customers were satisfied with their service, and for the ones who weren’t, you may want to know why. Using sources such as Google and Yelp will allow you to read comments from real life customers and also see if a company replied to a negative review.

You can also call a company and ask for references from client’s who have hired them. Most companies will provide you with a list of three or four customers who were satisfied with their services. Taking the time to call these references will allow you to speak with someone who can answer any specific questions you might have about their experience.

Asking about the company’s reliability, timeliness, and quality of work will help you make a more informed decision. At Summit Window Cleaning, we have a list of pleased customers who are willing to chat with potential clients regarding their experience with us! You can read reviews on our website here.

Get Proof of Insurance

Reputable window cleaning companies will carry insurance and should be able to prove that they are currently insured. This protects the owner of the property in the event that a technician is injured while cleaning your windows. In addition, this ensures that your windows are covered from any accidental damage that could be caused during the cleaning process.

At Summit Window Cleaning we carry $1 million in liability insurance and maintain a perfect safety record. Stabilizers and levelers are used on all of our extension ladders to increase safety in all weather conditions. We are always looking for new ways to ensure our technicians are as safe as possible and your windows are at no risk for damage.

Always Get a Quote

Most people want to know the cost of a service before they commit to paying for it, so why would window cleaning be any different! It is very common for a window cleaning company to send a uniformed employee out to your business or home to survey the windows, discuss what needs you have, address any questions or concerns, and then provide you with a written quote.

There should not be any pressure to hire that company on the spot. You should feel comfortable taking the time you need to review the estimate and compare it to price quotes from other companies. If you feel pressured to make a decision immediately, there is a chance that the company may not end up being the one you are satisfied with year after year.

At Summit Window Cleaning we offer free onsite estimates and will send a professional technician to inspect your windows. This method gives you the most accurate estimate and is the recommended option for homes or businesses that have a variety of window types and sizes. However, you can also simply send us photos. This is a quicker way to get an estimate if your windows are relatively consistent. If you would like to get a free estimate, click here to get started.

Give us a call at (720) 432-6259 or submit a request here! We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for either residential or commercial window cleaning services in the Denver area.


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