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Keeping your solar panels clean isn’t always easy and it can be time consuming. But that’s why we have developed the best solar panel cleaning service in Denver so that homeowners can benefit from super clean solar panels without the hard work. We do everything for you and guarantee immaculate results every time. We only use the very best cleaning techniques with pure water so you can rest assured that you’ll have clean panels without the risk of damage. When we say we’re the best, we mean it. Just take a look at the results!
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Benefits of our Denver Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Over time, it’s normal for dirt, dust, and debris to build up on your solar panels but this can affect their aesthetic appeal. Nobody wants a home that looks dirty and poorly maintained but without Denver solar panel cleaning service, you never have to worry about curb appeal again. Our cleaning experts get rid of every trace of dirt and grime, leaving your solar panels looking as good as the day they were installed. That shine and brilliance will make your home the talk of the street.
If you allow dirt and dust to build up on your solar panels, this can affect their efficiency and performance. The whole point of having solar panels is to make your home more energy efficient so the last thing you want is for dirt from the environment to spoil this. When you use our solar panel cleaning service in the greater Denver area, you can feel confident that we will maintain your solar panels so that they’re always performing to their max.
We know that solar panels are a big investment and that’s certainly an investment you’ll want to protect. It’s estimated that, when properly maintained, these panels can last for up to 30 years. But without regular cleaning, dirt, debris, and dust from the environment can shorten the lifespan of your solar panels and even damage the delicate coating on the surface. Ensure that your solar panels last as long as possible with our solar panel cleaning service that’s guaranteed to keep your equipment in tip top condition.
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Why Choose Our Denver Solar Panel Cleaning?

Your solar panels are an important investment for your home so you need a company that’s reliable and trustworthy to clean them. Here at Summit, we only use the gentlest yet most effective cleaning techniques to bring your panels to shine without the risk of damage. Our proven track record sets us apart from the rest and our dedication and excellent customer service guarantees that you’ll always have a great experience working with us. Plus, we aim to provide top quality services at affordable prices; it just makes sense to choose us.

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Frequently Asked Solar Panel Cleaning Questions

Keeping your solar panels clean has a variety of benefits. For starters, when dirt builds up, it can make your solar panels unattractive to look at and can ruin the curb appeal of your home.

More importantly, regular solar panel cleaning ensures that the performance of your panels is not hindered by a build up of dust and dirt, keeping them running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

When tackling solar panel cleaning, it’s important to avoid using soaps and harsh chemicals as these can damage the surface of the panel and affect its performance.

But we’re experts at solar panel cleaning in the greater Denver area so we only ever use a pure water system that guarantees excellent cleaning results with no damage.

It’s typically recommended to have your solar panels cleaned once every six months. It’s normally best to do it once at the beginning of spring and then again at the end of summer.

However, there may be instances where more frequent solar panel cleaning is needed as a result of the surrounding environment. We’re always happy to talk through your needs and come up with a cleaning schedule that works for you.

Solar panels are designed to last a long time but this is only the case if they are correctly cared for. Since they can sustain damage from harsh cleaning techniques, it is never recommended to use pressure washing as a method for cleaning solar panels.

We only use the gentlest yet most effective pure water cleaning methods to ensure that your solar panels stay spick and span without sustaining any damage.

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