How to Clean Outside Windows You Cant Reach

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Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to tackle a much needed window cleaning. Over the winter dirt, rain, snow, and grime from the street all accumulate on exterior windows leaving them dirty on the exterior and foggy on the inside. Some people enjoy spending the day cleaning their windows. And in most homes, the interior windows can be reached fairly easily with a step or small ladder. The exterior windows a different matter- How to clean outside windows you cant reach?

Tips for Getting Access to Difficult to Reach Windows

Windows that slide side-to-side in the track can sometimes be lifted out of the frame. This allows the homeowner to take the window out of the track, lay it down on the inside of their home and clean the exterior panel of the window. Before starting make sure to lay towels down on your carpet to protect your work area as window frames are often quite dirty. Also, this technique is only recommended if you are physically capable of safely lifting heavy weight.

Similarly, storm windows and security doors are designed to be disassembled for easier access. This will allow you to clean most of the panels of the window from inside your home. Generally there are tabs on the side of the window to disengage a locking mechanism, freeing the panel to come out. Whenever disassembling a storm window it’s important to remember how you took it apart as the panels will need to be inserted in the same order when you are finished.

Another common method window cleaners might employ to clean hard to access windows is to lean out an open window to reach the adjacent pane of glass. However this is only recommended if you have good balance and the window pane you hope to clean is safely within your reach.

Professional grade window cleaning squeegees and applicators are designed to be used with extension poles. Poles come in a range of sizes from 2’ to 30’+. If you are skilled already with window cleaning techniques, you may consider buying one long enough to reach your 2nd or 3rd story windows. Admittedly it is very difficult to achieve quality results with this technique but it is generally pretty safe. Please maintain situational awareness while utilizing this method. Clear the work area from anything that may cause you to trip while looking up at the exterior windows. Also watch out for overhead wires. Most extension poles are made of either aluminum or carbon fiber and both materials conduct electricity!

If you are physically fit and comfortable with heights, the most direct way to clean your exterior windows is to use an extension ladder. Only use ladders in good working conditions. If it is raining, windy, there is lightning, ice on the ground, or uneven terrain, using a ladder can be highly dangerous and should be avoided.

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How Do I Actually Clean the Windows?

Professional window cleaners use a specially mixed solution to clean your windows. This solution is a gentle biodegradable soap that will not leave a greasy film behind on the window.

In a pinch, you can make use of dishwasher soap. Combine about one tablespoon of soap to one gallon of water for your solution. Soak your applicator with the solution. Thoroughly wet and scrub the pane of glass to remove any dirt  and then squeegee the solution off. Finally use a clean absorbent rag to detail the edges of the window and make sure there are no drips left behind.

Avoid These Window Cleaning Methods

Spraying your windows with a garden hose. This is a fast way to “clean” your windows, but often does more damage than good. For homes with hard water, spraying your windows with the hose will start building up hard water stains. Over time these stains will get more and more pronounced and you will notice your windows becoming permanently foggy and pitted. At this point only highly specialized acid-based cleaning products will remove the stains. It is tedious and expensive work to remove hard water stains.

Using a rag and glass cleaner. This is will not give you quality results. After a day or two you will notice your windows looking smeary and streaky all over again.

Why It Pays to Hire a Professional Window Cleaner

  1. Window cleaning tools are expensive, and you will likely need a wide variety of them to properly clean your windows.
  2. It takes years to master professional cleaning techniques with a squeegee that do not leave streaks behind.
  3. Even utilizing the tips outlined above, window cleaning is a physically demanding task that requires strength, balance and attention to detail to do safely.
  4. It’s time consuming. A homeowner might spend an entire day cleaning their exterior windows only to be disappointed with the results. By contrast the same home would take our team 3 hours to complete with excellent results.
  5. A deeper clean. Professional window cleaners know how and when to apply abrasive cleaning products and utilize scrapers to remove stubborn debris, like built up dirt, paint, silicone, cement, stucco, etc., from the surface of the glass without damaging it. We can make sure your windows stay cleaner for longer!

The Bottom Line

While some people may enjoy the challenge of learning to clean their own exterior windows it’s best left to the professionals. Between the expense of buying all the necessary hand tools, being physically fit enough to lift windows out of frames, carry extension ladders around all day and mastering the squeegee, window cleaning is a difficult task! Summit Window Cleaning can make short work of even your toughest project. Our staff is highly trained and have specialized cleaning tools to clean your window frames, screens and glass. We can easily reach windows up to 40’ high, are fully insured and include a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every service.

Give us a call at (720)432-6259 or submit a request here! We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for either residential or commercial window cleaning services in the Denver area.


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