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Do you want your home to stand out on your street as the most aesthetically pleasing and well looked after? Then trust us to deliver immaculate window cleaning results that will leave your windows gleaming. We use a pure water cleaning system that’s guaranteed to bring your windows to a shine with no risk of streaks or imperfections. Plus, we offer a three day rain guarantee so you’ll never need to worry about the weather ruining your freshly cleaned windows. We don’t just claim to be the best; our window cleaning results speak for themselves.

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Benefits of our Denver Window Cleaning Services

Nobody wants to be the owner of the house on the street that looks poorly maintained and unwelcoming. But with our window cleaning service throughout the greater Denver area, you can feel confident that your home will always look its best. With fantastic cleaning results that leave your windows sparkling, the curb appeal of your home will be instantly improved. What’s more, your windows will always be spotlessly clean, giving you a beautiful view from them at all times.

When you are looking to buy a property, what’s one of the first things you ask? Is there a lot of natural light? There’s something appealing about having light pouring into the home but dirty windows can prevent that light from getting in and this ruins the welcoming feel of your home. Prevent that dark and dingy feeling by using our Denver window cleaning service. We ensure that all dirt and grime is removed leaving you with windows that do exactly what they’re meant to let in lots of refreshing natural light.

Many people don’t know that poorly maintained windows are one of the leading causes of a lack of energy efficiency for a building. When dirt, dust, and grime build up on the glass this can prevent natural light from getting in and warming your home, meaning you’ll need to use your heating system more often. Plus, if you have a Low-E coating on your windows, it’s imperative to keep this clean to ensure it functions properly. With regular window cleaning, you could actually save money on your energy bills.
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Why Choose Our Denver Window Cleaning Services?

Are you tired of hiring window cleaners that just don’t get the job done properly? Maybe they don’t provide a full clean or perhaps they leave streaks behind? These are things you’ll never have to worry about when you choose Summit’s window cleaning service available throughout the greater Denver area. We ensure 100% satisfaction and guarantee that every job will be finished to an immaculate standard. We’re always putting you at the heart of everything we do so you can feel confident that we want to deliver excellent results. What’s more, with the latest in window cleaning technology, we offer eco-friendly cleaning that still reveals beautifully clean windows.

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Our Window Cleaning Packages


  • exterior only cleaning
  • screen cleaning
  • window frames wiped down


  • interior/ exterior cleaning
  • screen cleaning
  • frames & sills are wiped down


  • interior/ exterior cleaning
  • tracks are brushed & vacuumed out
  • frames & sills are wiped down
  • screens are deep cleaned using specialized tools
  • 3 day rain guarantee

Our Simple Three Step Process

Working with us is easy as 1-2-3

Request A Quote

No time to wait around for someone to draw up a lengthy quote? No problem. We promise to deliver a quick, no nonsense quote that’s clear and easy to understand.

Set A Schedule

We’re always ready to work around you. Set a cleaning schedule that fits around your routine and then let us handle everything. We’re always putting our customers first.

Sit Back & Relax

Every exterior cleaning job will be taken care of by us; you won’t have to lift a finger. It’s never been easier to maintain a clean home; just sit back and relax.

What Your Neighbors Are Saying About Our Window Cleaning Services

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Dr. Dukes (Body In Motion)


Window Cleaning In Denver

Summit Window cleaning has been great to work with over the last 1-2 years. They are always very accommodating to my schedule if thing change. They show up on time, and do a great job. I could not recommend them enough.
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Chris Wolvin


Denver Window Cleaning

Summit Window Cleaning did an amazing job on my Denver town home, which included some very difficult to reach windows. I honestly didn’t think I was going to notice the difference between semi-dirty windows and clean windows, but it’s amazing how much more light is let in. It really does give the house a cleaner feel. Would highly recommend their services, and will be using them again in the future for an annual cleaning.
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Lynn Biegen


Window Cleaning Denver

Great job! I have used Summit Window Cleaning twice. Both times I have been extremely happy with the job that they have done. They are timely, polite, and the windows look fantastic. What a great company!

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Frequently Asked Window Cleaning Questions

We’re proud to use the latest innovations in window cleaning which are designed to be eco-friendly while still delivering amazing cleaning results.

We use a pole fed system that uses pure water and doesn’t rely on harsh cleaning chemicals. This means that your windows will benefit from everyday dirt removal and be left sparkling and spotless.

We offer comprehensive interior window cleaning services, employing traditional methods and utilizing ladders whenever necessary. This ensures that we deliver the same high-quality cleaning results indoors as well, without compromising safety or privacy.

As such, we also use water-fed poles which are able to clean up to three storeys high. The same cleaning results without the hassle.

Normally, we recommend a minimum of once a year. However, the frequency of window cleaning in Denver largely depends on the amount of dirt that the home is exposed to.

We’re happy to help you set a schedule that works for you and we even offer one-off cleans for people who just require a little spruce up.

For interior cleaning, we employ traditional squeegee cleaning methods with mild soap to ensure pristine results and maintain the integrity of your indoor environment.


The cost of window cleaning in Denver and the greater Denver area is not set in stone. This is because we charge based on the number of windows to be cleaned.

We’re always happy to provide you with a fast quote that’s unique to your property and we promise to keep our prices fair and competitive.

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