Keeping Your Gutters Clean in Denver – and Why It’s Important!

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Keeping up with household maintenance is essential to the longevity of your home. Sometimes it feels easier to push some things to the back burner and take care of them later, but gutter cleaning in Denver is one thing you may not want to avoid for too long. There are several reasons why hiring a professional to help keep your gutters clean and free of debris is crucial is maintaining the quality and integrity of your home.

Avoid Damage to Your Roof and Foundation

Gutters serve a fundamental purpose for your home. They carry water away from your home to keep it from collecting in unwanted places near the foundation. If your gutters are full of debris like leaves and twigs it becomes difficult for water to drain correctly; therefore the water has nowhere to go and may remain stagnant near the roof or spill over the edge and create puddles on the ground underneath. This can cause your sidewalks or driveway to start to crack, sag, or begin to erode from the misdirected runoff. Water that overflows and collects near your home can also freeze and cause your foundation to crack as the water expands.

Keep Pests from Making Your Gutters Their New Home

Imagine your gutters have collected an assortment of debris from the surrounding area. Now imagine all of the insects and other small creatures, like birds or squirrels, that may see this as a perfectly comfortable place to call home. Bugs, such as mosquitoes, love the moist environment that is created when your gutters are clogged with damp leaves. If certain kinds of bugs camp out here for too long, they can begin to bore into the foundation of your home. Once this happens, you have a much bigger problem than the clogged gutters.

Avoid Replacing Your Gutters

The longer you neglect a problem, the worse it tends to get. This saying also rings true when it comes to keeping your gutters clean. If you aren’t cleaning your gutters at least a few times a year, there is a high likelihood that the quality and efficiency of them will decrease and require replacement far sooner than if they had been maintained properly. If your gutters become weighed down with wet, soggy debris, it can result in damage to the brackets that hold them in place. Regularly cleaning your gutters will keep them functioning longer and allow professional gutter cleaner to assess whether or not there are any issues with your gutters that should be addressed before they turn into big problems.

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Keep Your Lawn or Garden from Becoming Overwatered

If you have a garden or like a well-kept lawn, letting your gutters clog and overflow can lead to overwatering. This can cause puddles to form on your lawn and create soft, muddy areas in your grass. Overwatering can happen in a garden as well leading to unhealthy plants that have been drowned out by gutter runoff.

Hire Professionals (Like Us) Who Have the Proper Equipment

Cleaning your gutters yourself might sound like a good DIY project. However, it may prove to be more difficult than you think. Cleaning your gutters will require you to climb a ladder, and many people will bring a hose, bucket, and a few other tools. For someone without the proper training and equipment, this could lead to damaging your gutters, or worse, falling off the ladder and becoming injured.

At Summit Window Cleaning, our professionals always use high-quality extension ladders equipped with stabilizers to ensure the maximum level of safety in all operating conditions. We clean all gutters by hand with a variety of handheld tools. We will never use a leaf blower or power washer to clean your gutters as these are not always safe to use on a ladder and could cause damage to your gutters or surrounding area. When the cleaning is complete, water is run through the gutter system to ensure proper drainage. A 100% satisfaction guarantee backs all of our services.

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Gutter Cleaning in Denver with Summit Window Cleaning

Summit Window Cleaning offers professional gutter cleaning in Denver and the surrounding areas. We know how daunting and potentially dangerous cleaning your gutters can be, so leave it to our professionals to get the job done. To learn more about how Summit Window Cleaning can service your gutter, click here. If you have questions for us, fill out this form to discuss how we can help keep your gutters clean and functional.


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