How Often Should I Clean My Exterior Windows?

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How often do you have your exterior windows cleaned? Once a year, twice a year, never? Chances are you’ve been putting off having them cleaned for a while. Dirty windows in your home or business have a noticeable impact on the space. For a business, dirty windows can mean lower employee morale and turning away potential customers. In your home, it’s easy to forget just how much more light clean windows let in.

Whether you are getting ready to put your home on the market and want it looking its best, or just want to enjoy your own space, a simple cleaning can truly transform your home and make it feel much fresher and brighter. Ultimately how often you get  your windows cleaned is a personal choice. Below we will discuss some points to help make a decision.

Residential Properties

Most of Summit Window Cleaning’s clients opt to have a full interior and exterior window cleaning twice a year. Generally this is enough to keep your windows sparkling clean year round, and avoid any preventable deterioration of the glass. In areas with lots of trees and pollen, or those close to busy streets, some of clients like to schedule an exterior window cleaning three times a year. Summit Window Cleaning is happy to offer discounts based on frequency of cleaning – be sure to ask!

Commercial Properties

For restaurants and retail spaces it’s recommended that you have your windows professionally cleaned at least once a month. This is typically long enough for main entrance windows to become smudged by hand prints, and for the exterior windows to accumulate dust and grime from the streets. We are happy to assist a number of restaurants and small businesses around Denver. A commonly requested cleaning package for a restaurant is a full window cleaning twice a month as customers are especially susceptible to noticing dirty windows while dining. On the other hand, a large office or commercial building may require a full or exterior window cleaning twice yearly.

Climate and Environmental Conditions

When deciding a maintenance plan that makes the most sense, it’s important to take the climate and other environmental conditions into consideration. We are fortunate to receive over 300 days of sunshine a year here in Denver. And our climate tends to be on the dry and dusty side as we don’t get a ton of annual precipitation. People generally mistakenly think that rainwater is what makes their windows dirty. However rain water on its own is not particularly problematic. It’s the dust, pollution and other grime already on your windows that makes them look dirty after a rainstorm.

The good news is that your windows have been professionally cleaned, a light rain storm will not have a very noticeable effect on your windows. Here are a few common contributors to dirty windows:

  • High wind
  • Lots of trees and pollen nearby
  • Proximity to busy streets
  • New construction in your neighborhood
  • Re-modeling being done in your home
  • Poorly cleaned screens
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I’ve Heard There is Such Thing as a Self-Cleaning Window, Do They Actually Work?

Self cleaning windows have what’s called hydrophobic glass. It’s common in commercial applications and many homeowners probably don’t realize that they have at some windows with hydrophobic glass already. (If you aren’t able to tell the difference by looking at them, that pretty much answers the question already). Unlike hydrophilic glass, it has a coating that is designed to help repel water and dirt.  However, calling it “self-cleaning” is a bit of a misnomer as it is not actually self cleaning. In our climate hydrophobic windows need to be cleaned just as often as hydrophilic windows.

How Can I Keep My Windows Clean for Longer?

After deciding on the frequency of your cleaning, it’s a good idea to consider how comprehensive of a cleaning to get. Our Standard cleaning includes streak-free interior and exterior window cleaning. Screens are removed, scrubbed with soapy water, dried and put back. Window sills  and the exterior frame of the window are wiped down. This is a good option for most situations, but those interested in a deeper level of cleaning should opt for our Deluxe window cleaning package.

Our Deluxe cleaning package is a more comprehensive cleaning. It includes streak-free interior and exterior window cleaning. Screens are removed and cleaned and run through our screen cleaning machine. In addition to thoroughly scrubbing and washing the screen itself, this device also cleans the entire frame of the screen, effectively removing all cobwebs and dirt. Additionally, with this package your window tracks are brushed and vacuumed out. Finally, the window sills  and the exterior frame of the window are wiped down.

The extra time and attention our team brings to each individual part of the window cleaning adds up to a superior cleaning, that will keep your windows sparkling clean for longer!

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What makes Summit Window Cleaning’s Approach the Best?

Consistently getting a streak-free, crystal clear window is an art form. As many homeowners who have attempted a weekend window cleaning project can attest, it’s notoriously difficult to accomplish this with a squeegee! Many disappointed homeowners unfortunately devote their entire weekend to cleaning their windows only to get mediocre, streaky results. Leave the dangerous rickety old ladder in the garage, and let us take care of it for you!

Our technicians have years of experience with thousands of cleaned windows behind them. Attention to detail, with the best training and tools available allow us to give you superior results every time. For interior windows we clean windows traditionally, using squeegees and ladders. We use a specially mixed environmentally-friendly cleaning solution. It is tough on dirt, non-toxic and won’t leave a greasy film behind on your windows.

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For exterior windows we typically make use of our professional grade Pure Water cleaning system. This cutting edge technology allows us to safely and effectively clean windows up to 40 feet high. The system is a large filter which connects to a water source. Water sent through the system has all impurities removed. The purified water is routed through a carbon fiber water-fed pole with a brush head attachment.

The natural boar’s hair bristles of the brush are tough enough to agitate and remove even the most stubborn dirt from your window, while two nozzles spray the window with the highly purified water. Our technicians can scrub your entire exterior window (including the frames), remove the dirt, and thoroughly rinse the glass. The water that dries completely spot free and your windows are perfectly clean. This technique allows our technicians to remain safely on the ground while cleaning your windows. Not only is this method the most comprehensive cleaning for your windows, it’s far safer than using a ladder and respects your privacy!

Our highly trained technicians, superior tools for window and screen cleaning and attention to detail will give you the best results. Save your weekends for yourself, most residential window cleanings only take our team 3-5 hours for a medium to large home!

Remember that we offer discounts for both residential and commercial maintenance plans. We’re happy to discuss the details with you, call us today for a free no obligation estimate!


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