Do Solar Panels Really Need to be Cleaned?

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With over 300 days of sunshine here in the state of Colorado, it is crucial to keep your solar panels clean to capitalize on all of that energy! Over time, solar panels can build up pollen, dirt, and pollution, which can affect their performance. If you live in an area with a lot of wind or trees that produce pollen, your solar panels may be dirtier than you think. If solar panels aren’t clean, they can lose up to 20% of their efficiency! While you may feel a good rainstorm is enough to get them clean, there are other things to consider.

How Often Should Solar Panels Be Cleaned?

The environment you live in will play a role in how frequently your solar panels need to be cleaned. If your home is near an agricultural area, a busy highway, or an area that doesn’t get much rain, your panels may need to be cleaned more frequently. If you do live in an area with regular rainfall, that may not be enough to clean them properly. If your panels are only tilted 5 degrees or less, you may find that puddles with muddy debris are left behind. If unaddressed, these small areas can turn into a real problem. In general, we recommend having your solar panels cleaned about every six months for optimal functionality.

Leave it to the Professionals

If you are considering cleaning your solar rooftop system yourself, take a minute to imagine this. You’re climbing a ladder to get to the second or third story of your home while carrying a hose. Then you’re up on the roof, walking around, spraying water everywhere. The chances of you slipping and falling are much too high! While some information out there says to DIY clean your solar panels, we recommend you leave it to the professionals. Our professionals will be able to detect if there are any cracks in your solar panels and avoid damaging them any further, while also alerting you of the problem. Damaging the photovoltaic panels can be detrimental to their functionality.

Additionally, doing it yourself with water from the hose may cause hard water build up, making the surface of the panels cloudy. Summit Window Cleaning uses Pure Water technology to get your panels spotless. This system uses only pure water, filtered in three stages to remove impurities. No chemicals are needed!

Benefits of Cleaning Your Solar Panels

There are other benefits to having your solar panels cleaned other than keeping them working at their highest capacity. You probably invested a lot of money in your efforts to be more green and have renewable energy! Don’t you want to protect that investment? Keeping your panels clean will keep the special coating from being degraded. The warranty on your solar panels may also be voided if you aren’t having them cleaned regularly. Having a professional on your roof, up close and personal with your solar panels may be the only way you discover potential issues. Our experts can alert you if they see any problems that could turn into something serious down the road if left unaddressed.

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